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Had enough of this hype about the afghanz gonna/can beat BD! Makes me laugh this is created by the b....... Indians and pkistani ignorant fan's! It's all over the top hype!

Ireland have a chance to beat BD at t20's in England or SA or Aus condition. In BD now way! Because this new BD team is on a different level than the one Ireland beat in 2009 World t20 in England (which had some rubbish slow batters) and the self belief is much better and stronger in the BD camp!

After the 2014 World T20, invite the Afghanz give them a thumping and make the jealous (of BD's change, and improved esp since 2010) BD's neighbours happy!! To me its clear they are threatend by BD's Banglawash after banglawash and since 2010 been beating so called ''G8'' consistantly, they worry the threat BD poses now than ever before. And thats why they keep hyping afghanz and ireland against Bd to degrade our team thats their intention!

InshAllah, we will beat the Indians in 2014 series and shhhhh some up

Joy Bangla!
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