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Originally Posted by CricketPagolChele
NW, well, it is true but
1. the difference between BD and #9 are not that big. But difference between IRE and AFG are huge.
2. BD was not made by HYPE but AFG is.
3. All BD players are from BD, play in BD system which is not that good, but AFG players are afghan but live in PAK, and play in PAK system which is better than our system. They should be called PAK A team.
4. BD play with BIG BOYS who are stronger than BD, but AFG play with lower ranked associates who are weaker. So ranking comparison does not work.
5. This AFG team was beaten by BD XI and our U23 team. I am sure our current U19 team can also beat them at least in ODI.
6. We BD fans and players don't say that we would beat SA/AUS/PAK/IND everytime we play them, but AFG think that they can beat BD any day any where. Their only target is BD, and it feels like that if they can beat BD, they would become world
1. Diff between Afg and Ire arent that huge as u think it is, in World T20 qualification tournament Its IRE 3 and Afg 2, that isn't huge gap

2.Afg is hyped by non afgans..but their are arrogant afgans as their are arrogant deshis

3.agreed that playing in Pak FC helped afgans a lot but that doesn't mean you should call them pak A comment, afg cant play with big boys its not their fault, you dont know how they could have fared playing with the BIG BOYS for 15 years

5.that BD XI was BD National team. U23 match wasn't a walk in the park

6.Our fans are just as arrogant as ind pak afgs, do you read some of the cricinfo comments, some of them regularly says we can beat Aus/Ind/SA just after a series win against WI at home and afgs only target is not BD, they target ZIM also, just like IRE. and its understandable why they target us. because out of the 10 top teams Ban and Zim are the easiest. Their arrogant fans say they will roll over BD and ZIM and their reasonable fans say its possible to beat BD and ZIM. i dont see anything wrong with that..its like us saying its possible to beat SL/WI/NZ/PAK. even though we haven't beat pak since 1999
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