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Originally Posted by CricketPagolChele
NW, well, it is true but
1. the difference between BD and #9 are not that big. But difference between IRE and AFG are huge.
2. BD was not made by HYPE but AFG is.
3. All BD players are from BD, play in BD system which is not that good, but AFG players are afghan but live in PAK, and play in PAK system which is better than our system. They should be called PAK A team.
4. BD play with BIG BOYS who are stronger than BD, but AFG play with lower ranked associates who are weaker. So ranking comparison does not work.
5. This AFG team was beaten by BD XI and our U23 team. I am sure our current U19 team can also beat them at least in ODI.
6. We BD fans and players don't say that we would beat SA/AUS/PAK/IND everytime we play them, but AFG think that they can beat BD any day any where. Their only target is BD, and it feels like that if they can beat BD, they would become world
1:As an Afghan and as someone who has followed associate/affiliate cricket for the past 7 years I totally disagree.

Lately Ireland has been performing slightly better than us, however, that isn't because we are a weaker side but showing that we've got a weaker administration and selections policies. We've groupings inside our team and that has cost us big time.

All our first generation of cricketers learned their game in Refugee Camps with tennis ball. Majority of them don't have the skills for international cricket. Among those who performs very bad are our former captain Nawroz Mangal, Asghar Stanikzai and Karim Sadiq. But still they are a part of the team for each tour and are denying our younger players who on several occasions have outperformed the seniors a chance in the team. The new generation is much better technique wise, they learned their cricket through a proper domestic system at home with the hard ball.

So therefore I see much brighter future for us than Ireland. We a huge pool of players compared to Ireland.

2. I don't remember how BD was when it was associate team, for how long you had played cricket etc. But I see signs of improvement in your team.

When it comes to us. 10 years ago cricket was the no.1 hate game in our country, people would even swear at you if they saw you playing it as it was considered a Paki game.

4-5 years ago we could hardly beat Jersey in Division 5. Yesterday we lost our T20 match to Pakistan on the last ball. That is an achievement no one else has had in the cricket world. We've qualified to three T20 World Cups and the next edition of 50 overs World Cup.

3. This is something only a loser or a Pakistani taking credit for Afghan cricket would say. We've no cricketers playing in the domestic system of Pakistan.

In the past Nabi played I think some 5-7 games for Pakistan Costum and Hamid Hassan 2-3 games. But that is years back and those few games won't do you wonders. In fact we've had more players playing in your DPL this year than we ever had in the Paki League.

We also once had a team invited to take part in their T20 League, the team was a mix of domestic players and nationals. They only played 3 matches.

Our seniors of which there aren't many left soon inshallah, learned their game when playing between themselves on grave yards in refugee camps. They were not allowed to play in the Paki domestic cricket as refugees. Many of them returned when they were teenagers and started up their own teams at home. Some after becoming national players returned to practice with small clubs as there were no facilities at home.

4. Absolutely agree with you on this

5. Yes it was, twice. A lot has happened since then and if we get rid of our seniors we can well beat you next year. As for your u19s, well they better beat our u-19s first before comparing them to our A or national team. We beat them in the World Cup and Asia Cup is starting in few days, we are again grouped together

6. That's not true, our target is to level ourselves with BD and ZIM. At Associate level we've reached to the highest level. It's now time for us to take the next step and that's where you guys are currently.

We've played an almost full Zimbabwe in our first every first-class game some years ago and they were very lucky to escape with a draw. We are looking forward to play them this January and see whether we've improved since then.

Also we are right now playing the Intercontinental Cup final against Ireland if it has your interest you can follow it at ICC website with live streaming.

Ireland 187
Afghanistan 81/3 (30.0 ov)
Afghanistan trail by 106 runs with 7 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
Stumps - Day 1
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