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Originally Posted by CricketPagolChele
1. Why AFG Fans claim that they are better than us? What is the base of that claim? Is it because you guys are beating lower ranked associates consistently who are just learning cricket?

2. If AFG are better than us, why they could not beat us yet? I am not saying they would never beat us, they would definitely, but as of today that did not happen.

3. If AFG are better than us, why would you guys want to play with us and how that would benefit you? Thought playing with better team would be beneficial.

4. Why don't you pursue other nations specially from ASIA to play with you?

FYI: When BAN were not a full member, they had to qualify even for ASIA CUP by becoming champion in ACC tournament. They did not have luxury of playing cricket often with big boys except for ASIA CUP.

1. NO. Not just because they beat the associates on a regular basis, but rather the way they play fearless cricket makes them think they are somewhat better than us. I don't see much harm in that.

2. They are yet to face us in ODIs/T20Is. Don't just jump around comparing the matches played on Asian Games/Unofficial Tournaments which had no T20I status. Personally i think they are very much capable of beating us. Looking at their batsmen/bowlers, they definitely look capable. I dont know if you have watched them playing against the G8s, but i think they have some good quality players. They even beat our U19 team where they only had only one player (Najibullah Zadran) who currently plays for their national team.

3. I don't see anything wrong about them wanting to play against us. They think they are better and they wants to prove it. Playing against us would even help them more as we are a test playing nation. They just need proper exposure.

4. Apart from us, rest of the teams (Test playing nations) from Asia plays a lot of cricket compare to us so they wouldn't be willing to play much against Afghanistan.

I personally think we should play against them more often. If we are better, we will prove it on the field and end this dilemma. Besides that, we too don't get to play much cricket these days (10 ODIs this year probably). We need more matches.
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