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Brother PathanAFG,
No I did not mean AFG who are learning cricket, meant other associate teams.
There is nothing personal, hope you understand. I as a cricket fan really want to see AFG as 5th nation from ASIA, and inshahAllah you will. As a BAN fan, it is irritating when AFG is compared with BAN. In cricket anyone can beat anyone in shorter format (ODI,T20) but that wont make one better than other.
Again if I hurt your feelings, I am really sorry.

Originally Posted by PathanAFG
No problem brother, it happens for all of us

1. No, very few will make that claim - we want to improve. Though we aren't a stable team, we've beaten the hell out of everyone at our level, on a good day even Ireland looks like kids for us, however, our bottom level is so low that they also make us look kids sometimes. It's now time for us to move to the next level in which you guys are.

We were an affiliate team until this summer I think, So I don't know who is just learning the game, us or the ones who have been associate teams for many years

I think I've been around question 2 and 3.

4. We asked all Asian teams, Pakistan is the only country who has responded to our requests and played us with their full team. Some years ago we were invited by Sri Lanka as well.

India to whom we Afghans have a very soft heart has totally rejected us
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