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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Desperate times call for desperate measures. True or false, PA did the right thing! The cricketing survival of the country is at stake. Its about us as a nation, not individuals. If the blood of lakhs is an affordable price to pay for the liberation of country, the 'honor' of one politician is but a small price to pay for our cricketing existence.
Well AF, if PA is correct then we have no disagreement.

But I guess we have to agree to disagree in case PA wrongly accusing Papon. To achieve something there are right way to do things and wrong way to do things. And I believe you don't need to do character assassination (wrongfully) to create some pressure to BCB.

May be PA is right based on information they got, but my heart still wants to believe that Papon cannot go so low. If he indeed sell the vote, it will be a shocking news for me to absorb. How can a person who grew up being a cricket fan from his childhood (Papon) can do that?
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