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Have you ever suffered from major depression Rifat? I hope you don't. Don't jump in joy unless you have first hand experience and something helped you...

Don't confuse some sadness that goes away with a song to depression...

I don't fit the criteria for a depressed person but majority of the time i feel this intense sadness ....and it sucks....

Two days ago this lady tried to convince me to believe in Jesus Christ and telling me to go to church. I listened to her preaching for 5 minutes and told her I will go to church. It seems like I really made her happy; she thought she really made a difference. But in reality she did absolutely nothing to lift up my mood or made any changes to my life. Maybe irked me a little but I didn't want to shut her up. She took the courage to come up to me knowing that i might say something that may end up offending/hurting her. So I gave her little satisfaction....

So rifat your post reminded me of that preaching lady.... hopefully i didnt offend you.
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