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Default A review of Asia Cup 2012 vs Asia Cup 2014 team: What is wrong this time?

The team that was so consistent in all the games in the Asia Cup 2012 now looks in total disarray at the moment. I think it is important to look back at what we did right in that tournament to identify what is going wrong at present:

Pre-Tournament Momentum
In 2012 we had just completed BPL and all the 11 cricketers were in good form

In 2014 we had just completed Sri Lanka series and everyone barring Mushfiq is in poor form and short of confidence.

Opening Batsman
Back in the 2012 Asia Cup we had Tamim huffing and puffing on his way to fifties in all the games. His partner Nazza ended up being a dead weight with no proper footwork or ability to score runs.

In 2014 the big difference is that there no Tamim and on top of that we have a new player Anamul who's footwork is not good enough to be an opening batsman.

Middle order batsman
In 2012 we had another proven failure Jahirul Islam at no. 3 followed by Nasir, Shakib, Mushfiq all in great form

In 2014 we have a much better player in Mominul but followed by Mushfiq, Naeem and Nasir. Nasir being hopelessly out of form and Naeem being the Naeem of old.

Lower Order
In 2012 we had Ryad at 7 followed by Mash, Razzak, Shahadat.

In 2014 we have Zia followed by Gazi, Razzak and Rubel

The bowling doesn't look any better in 2012 but the big difference here is the absence of Shakib. When Shakib is in the team then getting the breakthroughs becomes that much easier during the middle of the innings and at the death.

Coaching, Captain and Tactics
In 2012 we had Stuart Law and one of the significant change he made was to push Nasir up to no. 4 which worked very well at that tournament. He was a coach willing to shuffle the batting order according to the demand of the situation.
One of his biggest failures however was the consistent selection of Shahadat that ultimately played a part in our defeat in the finals.

This time we have SJ. He has been the coach for awhile now but there are no signs of him stamping his authority or calling the shots during the games. It doesn't seem like he can be a leader and mentor for the team like Stuart Law was but i could be wrong.
The on field tactics of putting more men in the ring was visible during the Afghan game but the fielding standard and the death overs bowling leaves a huge question mark over his coaching.

In both tournaments the captain was Mushfiq and I think his captaincy has not improved much in the two years.

So what do you guys think? how could we go from being runner-up to losing to Afghanistan?
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