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Default what Razzak and Farhad can do which Mominul and Zia/ Gazi can not?

First of all I am not a T20 fan. But still my blood boiled when we lose of Hong Kong. Yesterday I saw only three balls of Razzak which were hit for 6, 4 and dot. And the dot one actually any other batsman would have send into orbit. I read the scorecard and then the scorecards of previous matchs and highlights of these T20Is. I wonder what are the role of Razzak and Reza? Razzak served us well during 2006 - 2011. But now he lost his mojjo completly. He is bowling utter crap since 2012 - with one of two exception. He is the worst fielder of the team and not considered as an all rounder by Khulna let alone Bangladesh. On the other hand Mominul is comfortably the best batsman of Bangladesh this year. He may not have proven his credential as as T20 specialist but in current form better bowler than Raj and obviously one of the better fielder of the 15. Now come to Reza. What is his role? Batsman? Bowler? If he is a batsman why is batting at 8/9. If bowler why he never bowled his full quota. Fielding is average. He may be bully in domestic but could not cut in international as like Tusher Imran. Zia/ Gazi may not be the technically correct bowler or batsman. But during the ill fated Afgan match I saw the fighting spirit there. If I want 2 over from my 4th/5th bowler and a quick 15 from no 8 Zia and Gazi are better option than Farhad. Team management must explain why mominul and gazi are ignored and how come Farhad and Raj played. Selectors are also needed to answer wtf they were thinking selecting these two? One more question to mgmt do they think sabbir is no 3 material? Mushy I am still one of your biggest fan - but you are costing us matches after matches (SL, Pak, Afg and Now H/K) through your bowling change.
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