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I am sorry you had to eat your own words like this. This sort of performance was unexpected after the clinical performances we have shown in the last two games.

It is evident to me that we cannot handle pressure. When the weight of expectation is on us we start doing weird things. I think at the back of their minds the cricketers must have known that if we don't lose too badly we are through and that in itself manifested into this pathetic performance where we played bad enough to actually get kicked out.

I think right now we do have a good set of talented players. I think what is really lacking is the coaching and planning that goes hand in hand with playing the game. We are making inexplicable choices in the field and we are failing to react to match situations. Even Nepal knows how to play if early wickets fall and yet we don't. Our bowling in general has fallen apart, the individual improvement is not there. A coach needs to work with Tamim, Ryad, Nasir, Gazi and get them back in form. He needs to speak to Razzak and tell him to alter his line and length. We see the same mistakes keep being repeated by Mushy in his field placements. I wonder if these issues are addressed at the nets/ team meetings. Of-course the strange selections also doesn't help. We had players like Zia, Arafat, Taijul who could have bolstered our bowling.
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