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Originally Posted by BanCricFan
I would drop Nasir and bring in Mominul for the next matches. CanĀ“t afford to suffer in a major world tourney because of an out of form player. And, I dont think Nasir will be able to turn it around in the immediate future with his current mindset. A change has to be made. Mominul also come with a very handy bowling option. He is more than capable of upping the ante, too. Anyway, I don't see him doing any worse than Nasir at the moment.

Now comes the "manufacturing" a change part. Lalla is totally down and out. There is nothing left in that horse. If he can't bowl to the Associates he wont be able to bowl to anyone. Even Riyad and Shabbir has bowled with infinitely better control and economy. Less we talk about his utter irresponsible batting the better. Razzak needs to pick up an "injury" and make way for Arafat or Taijul. Desperate situation requires desperate measure.

Hopefully, Freza's fun in the park is over, too. Could we bring in Banglar Hulk, instead? If Rubel can't recover in time, probably, Taskin would be a straight swap.

Once again, Nasir and Razzak's positions are the major concerns and will determin our future in this World Cup. Pure and simple. The question: is our "think-tank" proactive enough?
100% agree ^^^.

Even if I understand it being an emotional and dumbo fan, why can't "think-tank"?
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