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I have to be a bit circumspect on this "arrogance" and "lack of hunger" thingy. I mean seriously no one goes out there sayin oh ohh gues what we will underachieve and underperform... and you got journos like what not snickering and leering and what not stampeding Tamims dream of scoring 5000000 runs or what not when being showing up as NO SEARCH lean mean green machines from Google.

So what gives?

STILL it has to be lack of experience. Lack of quality domestic infrastructure. Lack of playing more matches with the big guns. And common sense.

Maybe we can focus on the last one as that can be controlled. Whenever you attend a club or society or even sign up for health reform plan, they ask you what do you want from the sport. It also helps to keep a journo of day to day progress if one's own play.

maybe the experts might help me with this but didnt Tendulkar practice his faulty shots tirelessly after getting out to rectify it? We need some diagnostic tools like that.

ONe thing i appreciate in USA is the THEORETICAL battery of tests one has to go through whether you are a plumber, electrician, military, fighter jet pilot, cosmetologist, and pstar

Finally people thinks being athlete is all about brawn and what not. But a smart athelete has smart muscles reaction from smart neurons firing. Our players are just not good athletes. Diet, smoking, and physical prowess is neglected. One needs mind to be in top notch condition to perform under pressure.

Also as a sidenote they really need to end with the gay ad campaigns. This gives a glimpse of their souls that for easy cash the are ready to sell their soul on line for CHEAP limelight. I feel like throwing up seeing their ads and tv program campaings Are yu ffin kidding me? National players doing thread and knitting on Eid shows....what the hell is wrong with us!!!!

O contraire! When yu listen to Dhoni and Sanga these blokes OOOOOZE oodles of confidence.

Remember: a lot can be said about a man about how he carries himself.

Do you know private investigators tell you to change your body language and if you are a female with bag to strut confidentally without drooping as woman tend to be mugged and raped more if they dont give an aura of swagger

Of course there are some amongst us mortals who are so cool and confident like me orphy simon that we self-deprecate. And that's not saying oohh ohhhh slap us slap us...we are soo emo that we are waiting with blades.

There is saying in bangla: Na ..... ..... Ram ram ram. And i aint talkin computer science.

Remember pride comes before the fall. And i had to iterate this because we have many good members in this forum who adheres to some controlling mass hypnsosis Big brother ibm beliefs that just because THEY represent Bangadeshi we are bound by same epithets of nation, religion, culture,

Live and let live. If our athletes are not given THAT much freedom instead of us having some big brothers doing poddari on how they should live their lives babysitting them and a step away from changing their diapers.... then they cant express their muse.

But it's paradoxical. Cuz I just said they need to end the tv shows. But again that's my point. They should have the balls and Gauls' galls to come up to me point me back my dirty finger and accost ME:

Who the hell am "I" to tell how they should live their lives?

Sadly none does.
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