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Originally Posted by Zunaid
BTW - BK, .....And all 'good' things must come to an end and my time here will do so - it is time for others to step up and take the reigns.
My dearest Dr. Kazi, please don't say that. It hurts me deeply and makes me sad reading what you said...You are indeed one of the most solid BC minds/souls that keep this forum most progressive, positive and good spirited. I learned endlessly from you. You have a genuine big heart and are always most encouraging. You always inspired me to DO THE RIGHT THING. You showed us there is no class separation, no difference between people. You constantly taught us to accept a person for who he/she is. You taught me NOT to judge people. I owe you a lot, Dr. Kazi, for what you helped me become. The day you are gone, we will have no Dr. Kazi to be adored/nurtured by. My mother's gone, father is on his way to die, and if you are gone as well, there will be a massive void.
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!
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