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Originally Posted by Saifulsohel
You guys please stop what Shak should do more,bla bla bla... He's doing fine. Think about the losers in the team.
Just because the others are performing pathetically doesn't mean we should stop criticizing Shakib. As long as the criticism is constructive, it's fine. I'm sorry but this attitude of nobody touching Shakib just because the others are sucking needs to stop. True the others are not helping him and he is far better than the others but he shouldn't be an untouchable. Heck even great players such as Tendulkar, Imran Khan, Lara etc faced criticism. In the end, we all want Shakib to the best player he is and honestly, he can do even better. Is that wrong thinking that? Not to me in my opinion. I might just have more expectation out of Shakib than you which is fine. We all have different opinions but calling for people to stop constructive criticism is pointless.
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