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Originally Posted by Gowza
players get better with age until they reach a limit and then decline but shakib hasn't reached that age, in fact he's just entered it. it should get better from here until his mid 30s. it's clear as day that shakib has the ability to be better than he is, look at the success he's had a a bowler in all 3 formats, he's more of a wicket taker in the longer format than the shorter format but he still pulls out some remarkable performances e.g. 6/6 in t20, 4/16 in ODIs, 7/36 in tests, 11 5fers and 4 4fers in 34 tests just proves that he can be a quality bowler. as far as batting his talent is obvious, it's just a matter of a few tweaks of the way he looks at constructing an innings and if he figures that out then he'll be a 40+ averaging test batsman and probably averaging around about 40 in ODIs to.

what's tough for shakib is the workload of being a main batsman and a front line bowler, that's tough to do but given the age shakib started playing international cricket and how he's had to deal with that his whole career, if anyone can pull it off it is shakib.

players should always be trying to improve and i disagree that shakib has got to his limit.
well i guess we all have our personal opinions...i agree with you on the part that his best days are ahead...i believe that he will have a period where he will absolutely kill it in a series or two...but i refuse to believe that he will end his career with batting and bowling average drastically different than what he has now...his averages wont change much in the duration of his career but he will have a few great series here and there where he will be as good as anyone else...that's my opinion...i guess only time will tell..
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