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Default Match Thread: ICC WC 2015 - Afghanistan vs. Bangladesh at Canberra, Australia; February the 18th, 2015

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Alright... we are finally here. The long wait is over and we only have 4 days till Bangladesh faces Afghanistan in the first match for both teams in the 2015 WC. Preparations made us prepare for the worst, warmups have left us freezing, practice matches have given us fans a chance to practice controlling frustration. So what now? I guess we can start talking about our next home series as this campaign seems like a lost cause already. But wait, we are talking about Bangladesh and Bangladeshi fans. Half of the fans are still hoping for a quarter final contest and some of them are hoping for semis and finals (bless them). As for the team, well they have a habit of shocking us either in a good way or the bad. Here we are expecting Bangladesh to get humiliated but you never know.... they might be the one humiliating one of the opponents. And it helps when they get started against a rookie side in the competition.

I think its best if the boys can walk into the field feeling confident about themselves and not worry about beating a minnow side or the consequence of losing to them. Bangladesh is not a side than can perform with a bare minimum pressure. For players like Mashrafe, Shakib, Tamim, Mushy, Riyad... it will be upto them to relax themselves and play their own game which is good enough to beat Afghanistan without any special effort. For the youngsters, it will be upto them to really fight it out with full energy and prove their talent which primarily why they are picked in the first place.

Afghanistan is a very dangerous side and if not stopped early enough can easily take away the game very quickly. They are bound to perform better than us in pressure situation than our mentally fragile players so the game cannot go down to the wire because Bangladesh has a far less chance of winning from there. If I were to describe Afghanistan team in one sentence, i would say, this is a side of aggressive batsmen and strong fast bowlers. this can be a very deadly combination in the Aussie conditions if both department clicks. But both factors has their negatives that go side by side. Aggressive batsmen means, restricting them from scoring by good fielding setup and a good bowling plan can see them throwing their wickets away. Strong fast bowlers mean they will hit the deck pretty hard and if the batsmen are smart enough, they can use the pace of the bowl to score lot of runs without any significant effort.

Afghanistan in past shown that they get carried away against spin and tried to punish every spinner. This is where Bangladesh benefited the last time they faced each other and despite the conditions, Bangladesh would hope that the spinners can bowl accurately to create some chances. Bangladeshi seamers even at their best cannot be trusted to take 10 wickets so cannot just rely on them to win matches. This will be a golden opportunity for Taijul or Arafat to perform at the big stage and they have the luxury of playing against a weaker side against spin. The goal should be to bowl them out as cheaply as possible and not rely on the batsmen to post or defend a big total.

Bangladesh with the talent being offered should have a cracker of a batting lineup. But our batsmen are like beauty with no brains. If they start quickly, wickets also fall in succession but if they start steady, wickets fall when they try accelerate. I am yet to discover the solution for our batting attack.

Finally, my preferred XI for the game...


Anamul cant open... just cant. I can write essays about why but I think by now we all know why. But I think he likes to hit so we can use him later on. As Nasir failed to convert his chances, I am willing to give Anamul a chance down the order and see how he plays. I think he will perform much better down the order where he can go strike strike and strike. Like I said before, the most technically proficient batsman of the team should play no.3 or 4 but not lower than that. As Riyad has settled with no.4.... Mushy should come out at 3 and build an innings. Rest fall into places automatically
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