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Default Scabbards and seax: beating India at their own game (New BC FP article)

Scabbards and seax: beating India at their own game
Zeeshan Mahmud

In ancient India a ritualistic display of murder used to take place in the form of a martial art called kalaripayuttu. Mimicking each others moves in graceful aerodynamic style, the combatants armed with a sword and a shield would attack each other. Excorcizing this swashbuckling personae the Indian team will come with all guns blazing. For India and her one billion devotees, nothing would be more dishonourable than getting knocked out. Again. They will not- shall not- bow down this easily. They will fight to the hilt. Cricket is a national sport of India, one can say, a religion. And for to beat them in their own game, all scabbards and seax must be unleashed and we would have to strategize with the display of our own array of armoury.

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