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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
Field hockey is a girls sports. Fact.

It doesn't matter what's listed as "national sport." It's pretty clear which sport is more popular in India.
Girl sport, fact? Could you please quote the literature/study that made you conclude that its a girly sport?

Its okay to love cricket but not at the expense of putting down other sports, if that was what you were trying to do by calling it girly. Try playing hockey once, if it at all is a girly sport (apologies for my ignorance) hats off to all those women out there who play the game.

Yes, Cricket is the national game in Indian, in fact, way bigger than a national sport could ever be and as the OP rightly mentioned "its a religion". You have to walk around Mumbai to really know how strongly we feel about cricket.

I have had the opportunity to intern for a major micro finance bank in Dhaka (you know it!) and I noticed, cricket not being HALF as popular, football still is. They play football in evenings around Dhaka. I stayed at "dui number" very close to the Mirpur stadium and also grand prince hotel.
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