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This thread is getting more and more strange given
1) We have got only a single news resource covering it and quoting anonymous BCCI official.
2) All Indian news media is quoting this news report, they don't have the information that this site does.
#1,2 makes it more of a conspiracy theory than a news
3) Not even other Bangladesh media were aware of this.
4) Some assertions made in this news is not true. Example - AL Govt share good relationship with Indian Govt. Indian current govt does not share good relationship with AL. Moreover, the relationship is never strong enough to intervene in BCCI. Nepal and Afghan cricket board is waiting for BCCI for months to get any help. BCCI doesn't want to help them even though Indian Govt is willing to build cricket stadiums in Nepal and Afghanistan.
5) Kamal is now gone which means BCCI should be happy now. If Harun goes from SA board, they are happy too. So, BCCI wants calm and quiet heads in BCB and they get one here. They will be least interested to take on new management and destabilize them.
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