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Originally Posted by BANFAN
I don't think any Pakistani will be useful for us anymore .. Situation is no more there.

Moreover, I think Saqlain is over rated as a coach. He's failing to improve Pakistani bowlers, what will he do with our bowlers .. Better from Srilanka and not so much a big star .. And if you need star, call Murali ...

Mushtaque is sitting with Pak spinners and they aren't improving ., so I don't trust Pakistani ex players as coach at all ... Sorry it's not a political matter, but it's more of their inability to deliver as a coach.
Bro I think you are confused aftar watching Saqlain in PTV shows. Those are entertainment shows and I don't think we should take them seriously.

Saqlain did produce good results the last time he was here and he is still technically the soundest off-spinner alive, along with Swann. I think he's still a good coaching option.

Murali would be a better option though. That man had a genius mind. He could tell what the batsman would do even before the batsman thought of it.
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