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Originally Posted by Ashfaq
Bro I think you are confused aftar watching Saqlain in PTV shows. Those are entertainment shows and I don't think we should take them seriously.

Saqlain did produce good results the last time he was here and he is still technically the soundest off-spinner alive, along with Swann. I think he's still a good coaching option.

Murali would be a better option though. That man had a genius mind. He could tell what the batsman would do even before the batsman thought of it.
No I know the difference between PTV shows and coaching credentials. But one of his admission during that show is also revealing, that While Mushy preferred to open bowling with Gazi against Gayle, he was shocked since Mushy even didn't tell him before the match. Shohag took Gayles wicket without any tips from saklayne, as he was saying, how to bowl in opening. That was Gazi's debut & he only had a bad first ball, but recovered well.

The only bowler came up during his time was this Shohag Gazi, who was otherwise taking wickets in domestic. I give him the credit, but Unfortunately that only success of him, was banned for wrong action. So that should tell you about his quality of coaching.

Shakib & SLAs hardly had anything to take from Saklayne .. he might have been a good player in his time, but hasn't have any huge success even after working with 5/6 boards on short stints. None kept him for long. Pak used him to remodel Ajmal .. But you can see, no result.

Apart from coaching ability, you have seen Pakistani mentality towards Bangladesh already, if you still think any Pakistani will make any sincere effort to develop our cricket,then you need to have a closer look, They don't consider Bangalis good enough to talk to them eye to eye, even after 45 years of separation, that's not something I would expect...

On top of that, icing on the cake would be to get connected to bookies through them for betting and drugs etc all wrong practices .. The epidemic that almost destroyed Paksitan cricket.

Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
I'm with you on the points you made makes perfect sense. Fully agree.

Just liked to add also... Please. No Pakistani coaching stuff ever again. just don't want any one ever again from there.
Yes I guess they lack sincerity & quality in coaching
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