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Originally Posted by BANFAN
I don't think any Pakistani will be useful for us anymore .. Situation is no more there.

Moreover, I think Saqlain is over rated as a coach. He's failing to improve Pakistani bowlers, what will he do with our bowlers .. Better from Srilanka and not so much a big star .. And if you need star, call Murali ...

Mushtaque is sitting with Pak spinners and they aren't improving ., so I don't trust Pakistani ex players as coach at all ... Sorry it's not a political matter, but it's more of their inability to deliver as a coach.
I agree with you on Saqlain. His only achievement from his coaching stint with us was Gazi, but then again Gazi's performance took an absolute u turn when he left. I dont think he has achieved anything significant with West Indies. Even Pakistan refused to give him an extension to correct Ajmal's action-for which he was charging an abnormally high whopping amount.

All those things he said during the interview really showed an ugly side. Unprofessional, lack of respect. We wouldnt want someone like that associated with our cricket. No Thanks!
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