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Never expected to beat India, not in t20 as their batting is superior than ours by 100x. But we started well and should have kept them below 140 which we couldn't, and that frustrates me more. You could say drop catch blah blah blah but our superstar Musta, Taskin and Mash were bowling shite like headless chickens. Expected better from them but they failed to do when we were on top. Mash with his off cutters, Musta cutters and Taskin with his short deliveries. In modern days oppo does enough analysis of these before a game so they should have known that. You can't be too predictable, not in this format at least

But if we bowl well against Pak and SL we can beat them in this format as their batting aren't as good as India and they don't also have a genius captain like Dhoni.
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