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Originally Posted by simon
Nice thread.
Shobai Allah Allah koren

Who thinks Mithun will get another game ? Hope not.
Will Taskin make place for Hider ? Dont think Taskin isT20 material although he was not the only culprit yesterday, if that catch was taken could have been a different story.

I will still give Imrul another match , he did well in BPL.
ignoring that dropped catch, taskin also had misfielding off his fielding quite a bit, in the end, he finished with 22-0/3 (?), he should have had 16-0/3 counting that dropped catch, probably 6-1/3 if that catch was taken and fielders did their jobs - but this isn't ignoring the fact that he still bowled bad balls after the drop (4, 6 from rohit)
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