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Originally Posted by patriot
Yes please - and make Mullah the captain who has shown his leadership qualities in the BPL.
Mate,Mashrafe is no longer just a captain he is a cricketing icon in the country.There will be people who will disagree with you but i am happy to be amongst them.Mashrafe has led Bangladesh to many wins in other format

In Short he is our most successful captain ever.
Even Mushfiq and Shakib have captaincy problems.Just Because he is having a bad day we can`t single him out.He is old but not obsolete,he takes wickets and is a web for the lower order.It is his job to decide when he should retire from the format.If he was performing so badly don`t you think the players would of said something.

Mashrafe,Is old but not obsolete He is the Flag Bearer,hero of a nation of 175 Million People and a darn good captain
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