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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
Talking about dialects Like the dhakiya dialect is part of Sudhho bangla lol. I dont understand a single word or Dhakiya, nuwkhali Chatagiya. Why in bdesh people so obsessed with one language why cant we have more to make it more intereting just like every other nations have, rather than just plain all same?
Absolutely correct Mas bhai, .Variety is key.

Would we want a batsman who scores only off the cover drive or a bowler who only bowls in-swing ? Who would want to eat a dish made with only turmeric and no salt or chill etc; Excessive clamoring for uniformity, in the name of imposing Urdu resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. So, diversity is key.

Back to the topic, I feel Tamim would have made a big difference to the team in this tourney.
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