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Default Bangladesh cannot wallow in the past

Remember the pre 2013 era of bangladesh cricket,the era of razzak,enamul ashraful and our beloved shahadat (sarcasm).Lets forget it.The era of defeats,losses and the "spin will win you matches" mentatlity
.Spin is not the future of Bangladesh bowling.Simple as that.Pace bowling has contributed to many crucial wins.However we should not blind ourselves with the players who staunch but cannot launch.We need to quickly discard players who have no use in the national side,the players like Rabbi,Hom and Ziaur are over represented players who do not belong in the squad.

Now let me elaborate on my previous point,pace bowling has taken us out of many pickles
Remember 2013 vs New Zealand Rubel hossain yorked Corey anderson leading to a whitewash.New zealand need only 4 runs from six balls.How about when shafiuls pace won us the match againist england surely you have not forgotten that.Fast forward 2015 Rubel clean bowls broad and anderson to take bangladesh to the quarterfinals.And probably one of the most memorable young mustafizur rahman tearing up the indian batting order twice

So maybe spin has a home in test cricket but in limited overs spin has no place.Quality spinners such as taijul jubair and saqlain should play test matches since theyre main ability is to choke the batsmen.Arafat sunny was a true gem in my opinion however upon further review members of BC told me his action was illegal.What a shame.

Ask yourself this is it really threatning when you face a spin bowler compared toa pacer

spinners such as shakib nasir and mahmud belong in the side due to their allrounders

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