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Originally Posted by tanvir_nus
[B]This is a brand new format the players, the team, even the fans in BD are getting accustomed to. It will take some time. We learned a lot of things about ODIs slowly, in this series we are learning how to keep hold of the innings in the middle overs together, where to pitch the ball when it is favouring fast bowlers, who to ball when, batting order subtleties... we will get there, in 2 years time BD will be competing in a major way with top teams also... need patience (something even I find hard to gather sometimes)
Brand new format? Come on man. T20 was introduced over 10 years ago. How many T20 world cup have we played in so far? Every country was introduced to T20 at the same time. I remember a lot of us had such high hopes. People were like BD batsman already play with so much 'tarahura', this format will come easy to them. Here we are, 10 years later after the format was introduced and are struggling to cross 140 against players who are probably using up their personal time off from their regular job to play in this tournament. This is just embarrassing.

Tanvir bro there is no 2 years time. 2 years ago we lost to freaking Hong Kong in this very format, that too at home during the world cup. So what did we learn from our experience 2 years ago in this format?
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