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I love this pitch, it expose real batlte between batting and bowling with proper technique, patience and re-assessment of game plan in the middle. Not just muscle around the balls for 4s and 6s on a flat deck. People wants to see big hitting is a simplified myth, rather they love to see the battle well faught with proper skill and technique. Like any other sports fan, they love that sports because of the beauty of technique and greatness of executing on the field.

Having said that, its absolutely ok to have different kind of pitches since cricket have to be played in different condition, and in Bangladesh should have its own type of pitch wihch offer battle of different kind [like grand slam tennis].

Or, I would suggest Dhoni to ask for change the rule of cricket for "exitement" such as ... [joke]

1. Only full toss to be bowled
2. A bowling machine to be used
3. A readymate pitch to be carried with their batting kits.
4. Swing and spin to be used once in an over.
5. ...
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