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Default Bangladesh in 2026! Cricket World Domination or the fallen expectation?

Are we able to withstand the current success and progress to dominate the cricket world? The current set-up and enhancement of player’s skill-set can it maintained in a proficient manner to develop more skilled players, the better version of Shakib, Tamim, Mushfiq, Mashrafe? Can the board administrators keep cricket separate from personal and political influence with the aim and objective of helping Bangladesh Cricket to grow into a World Force?.

Key issues to look at:

1. Political interest/influence by different parties in power, sudden change of administrators.
2. Poor decision from senior management in replacement of successful coaching team
3. The development of cricket of other countries, rate of improvement, cricket structure
4. Distribution of revenue, how and where it is used, responsibility of disclosure

Key aims and objective, achievable targets (Your opinion on each)?

1. To win a minimum of one World Cup (Either T20, 50 over)
2. To win series overseas consistently and be ranked in the top 3 consistently
3. To have Bangladeshi players ranked No.1 Test Batsmen or No.1 Test Bowler

Please feel free to add more, can we dominate world cricket in the upcoming 10 years?
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