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Originally Posted by rezwansyed
Excellent article, I've been following you since u joined BC. Our only member from my once favorite team's location. Loved your presence here always. Guess what, B.C.Lara was also my childhood, teenage superhero. The day Lara retired from test-cricket, the sport of cricket became almost half the way it meant to me. Every Lara innings was like a dreamy trance for me. I used to stay awake all night long watching WIndies home series against all other. Even the last few series with Ambrose-Walsh playing was a treat to watch. I remember so many first sessions of a test match this couple bowled straight through to the lunch break. Ohh it was something. And every other WIndies innings was how long Lara-Chanderpaul or Lara-Adams or Lara-Richardson partnerships survive. Even among losses the few draws or fewer wins brought so much pleasure worth of sleepless nights. Those were the days before BD got test status, cricket was "WIndies Forever" all the way for me.
Thank you very much bro,I am glad to hear about your support for the Windies. It is appreciated Personally, I like the Lara-Sarwan, Lara-Chanderppaul partnerships.
Ambrose and Walsh were something else...glad that West Indies was the team u were supporting prior tO BD's test status.

Cricket wins all the time.
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