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Originally Posted by Nadim
Imagine the feeling beating India in India? Don't wanna expect too much but hoping the unexpected to happen

Need to change the playing XI:

1) TIK
2) SS (only other choice is Mithu unfortunately and I'll still take SS over moron Mithun)
3) Shabbir
4) Shakib
5) Riyad
6) Mushy
7) Hom/Nasir
8) Mash
9) Rony/Saqlain/jodu modu kodu (won't do jack)
10) Al Amin
11) Musta

Mash should retire from T20I so expect him to play last T20 games.
That'd be my lineup too (Hom instead of Nasir).

#9 is a major problem and a major weakness no matter who plays. Rony is the best of the bunch, but we've to play a spinner on this wicket. Nasir is better than Saqlain IMO (and he can bat too), but no player should be dropped after just one game even if he plays poorly. Saqlain should've never been called over Taijul in the first place, but it's done, and he's our spinner for the rest of the tournament.
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