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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
Passenger to say the least. I know his loyalist will point out he took few wickets. But so did Mosha once!

He looked not threatening, nor is threatening. And amazing how some people forget in 2010 he couldn't defend 14 against off the last over in one of the ODI's England and lost the game but all remember his heroic in 2011 WC Hence they want him? his main job is a bowler you can't pick him scoring a fluke in 2011. What has he done with the bat since then? Anything of note? BIG NO. So it was a good fluke he batted.

Anyway. His main job as a bowler. He has least 3 bad balls in his overs, they are real bad, wide short, leg sided short. If he is a swinger, then he surely has to pitch outside offstump more? No?

Abu Hider Rony has been forgetten suddenly. The lad was the highest BPL wicket taker, he can swing the boy, reverse, bowl cutters and his a left arm pacer. Since there is no left arm pacer, fizz is out we SHOULD have gone for Hider. It mixes things up, having a left arm pacer. Plus England have many left handed batsmen. Just gives your more options, different style to choose from.
Remember chamainda vass he was so good for srilanka although he only bowled 120-30 but super accurate and swung the bowl both ways....rony could be in that mould but he needs time
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