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That we need to play with fire and emotion, but not wear our heart on our sleeves. We lost the plot and lost the series after Butler-celebration (if you want to look past the choke in game one)// (And besides the obvious tactical issue of well set batsmen throwing their wickets away. One of the top 3 should've score a ton). Although, it was over the top and very bush league stuff, being a fan of this team of course I have to be biased and say **** em. But the consequences that follows what to led to our demise.

Mash and the guys had to "tone it down" and you could tell there was considerable lack of fire and exciting in the 3rd game from our side. England backed their guys to be themselves and not back down. We have to be ourselves. We have to play with that Bangla passion (while keeping it professional so you don't get fined). This isn't the first time. When Taskin got banned, Mash lost the plot and the end result was much worse. We played very uninspiring cricket. His captaincy was a mess.

Also, screw Ctg crowd, bunch of fairweather fans, leaving while the game is IN THE CRUNCH time! Not every game will be won with 30 overs to spare. Sit your asses down! And stop praying like bunch of idiots when the game is slipping away. And this goes to both city crowds. When the team is down it's your JOB to cheer the loudest and pick up the team. Don't piss your pants in the stands! And WTF are the DJ's doing? They also stop playing music. They should be pumping up the crowd.

As for the celebration, people complaining about our fans and all of that.

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