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^ lolol actually no, I didn't even know he how old he was. I could see why you'd assume that but I can assure you, his age definitely wasn't considered into my comment. I meant timing-wise it's too late. 5 years ago when we had a very inexperienced and unset team it'd have been the perfect timing for someone like him to be around and mentor. But now our lineups are set (unless when they plug in Hom). I'm sure you bothered to read my follow-up comments? Who would you kick out from the top order to get him in the XI? I already said Hom, but he doesn't play in SN's spot.

And just checked his games list. They did plug him in some series last 5-6 years when we did have room and he did pretty well. But others stepped it up even more (SS to Kayes at the top. Riyad-Nasir to Sabbir in the middle).
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