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Default ***The Biryani Thread***


Places where you had Biryani and how you would rate it out of 5 (5 being Excellent), how was the price? too expensive or decent for the quality of Biryani? When was the last time you had Biryani, have you cooked Biryani by yourself before?. How did you compare home made Biryani to restaurants etc.

I had Biryani in Bangladesh & UK. The Chicken Biryani I had in Bangladesh was around in 2004/2005, the quality of Biryani was Good (3.5 out of 5), I am not sure about the price as my cousin paid, apparently it is a good restaurant (called President) in BD, I won't know so much. Plus my cousins made Biryani every time we visited different places to visit them, it was good, nothing too special.

However, the best Biryani I had is in UK, I am not sure if the take-away is Turkish or Pakistani, but its one of the best Biryani I ever had (5/5). the price was really good, I paid (£5), I think its 500 BD Taka.. it was near to my first job place.. however I now miss that place, as I can't go there anymore... its around 45/50 min by train..and my current place of work is like 10 minute from where I live....

Please share you experience... where did you first have your Biryani (away from home)? did you like it... how do you compare to all the places you had Biryani etc.
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