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Originally Posted by tiger1000
Am not sold on him as a short format player, not seen his stats so am going from what I've seen, his line and length is not great for short formats, but he might be a better option than rabbi and maybe roy in tests
His stats suggest he suits the longer format. I've not seen him bowl but what impresses me is the fact that he has played 50 First Class matches at the age of 23. This is the same amount of games as Roy who is 5 years older. Hopefully this means he is not injury prone and capable of bowling long spells, which is a very important attribute to be a successful bowler in Tests. Look at what has has happened to Mohammad Shahid and Robiul Islam, both who looked to have potential but seemingly also fitness issues.
Hopefully the selectors and team management don't pick him for limited over games instead of Tests, which they've been guilty of many times in the past and present.
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