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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
No, Adam, this is not true. It is not far fetched to think how a certain entity's presence in the locker room can cause others to lose sight of strategic direction. It is not inappropriate at all.
Some of your ideas are good but your anger is misplaced. I'm the harshest critic of Mushy the keeper and Mushy the captain, but Mushy the batsman is one of the best we've got. I remember being really pissed at him after he dropped easy catches in a match right after the ODI world cup and looking up stats to make a case against his batting, only to be dissuaded by the numbers. Somewhat to my surprise I found him amongst the very best batsmen in the world averaging 45+ in the preceding 3 years, which was in the ball park of Kohli for the same time frame. In recent years he played a huge role every time we put up massive runs on the board in test matches. In his first five years he averaged 27, In his last five he's been averaging 43 which helped boost his overall avg to 35.

It's the management and coach that need to be blamed for persisting with him as keeper and captain. Remember how Lotus made Shak get on his knees and cry like a girl! How hard is it for Hathuru or Papon to do the same with Mushy and take away his gloves?
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