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Default Debate: Do you like the idea of the Burqa/Niqab/Full cover garment

Personally, as a Muslim, I do not like the idea of a Burqa,To be honest, I really dislike the idea of the complete Burqa that covers everything from head to toe, It really isn`t compatible in today's societal context, and lets not get started on the social implications it draws out, people in this century need to see a face in order to communicate, don`t get why people still wear the Burqa, as I see it as a hindrance to rights plus, its deeming, another thing I feel is that it can be a safety risk these days, with the enslaught of terrorism, its a right thing by many countries to ban the burqa and niqab, just does not work in the 21st century....Plus its not even obligatory, so I don`t know why its so highly regarded, especially in Bangladesh, were we have tainted intrepretations of the quran, were many imams preach the wrong/incorrect thing.
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