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Cool What car do you drive?

Being a big car enthusiast myself with a pretentious attempt to show my G, I'm starting my first thread on BC.

I'm pretty sure that most BC members are car lovers. Share what car you drive now or previously owned. Which is going to be your next? Post some pix. Commend the brand and model you prefer to others.

I will start with mine:

My late father owned few Toyota and Honda in his life-time. I learned driving when I was only 12 with his Toyota Starlet. Later, we owned a Toyota Carina and a Honda CR-V. I was let to drive the Carina but wasn't allowed to drive the CR-V much.

During my undergrad life in Canada, I bought my first car: a high mileage BMW 318i from a boro bhai. I frequently drove an old Honda Civic Coupe of my friend as well.

Now, I own 3:
1. 14 Toyota Rav4 LE
2. 08 Ford Edge Ltd.
3. 07 Infiniti G35 Coupe (Sports)

I drive No. 2 & 3 while I bought the Rav4 recently for my missus. Obviously, I love No. 3 the most. Here is a pic:

I've recently become a fan of Jaguar F-Type V8 (550hp). But that's still way out of my league, may be in few years.
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