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Default I Have The Answer!

Brothers And Sisters, who use this fourm. I have the answer. The answer to our question and the thoughts behind "WHY WE CANT WIN MATCHES" Theis question is very powefull! It will upset a Load of people and make sense to ONLY "TRUE TIGER FANS" and people who give the dam about bangladesh cricket! im a tiger fan, just like all of u here! im no different to any of u! im from bangladesh, i work, i watch bangladesh loose, and loose, and get Frustrated and angry! I have a solution! A solution soo good that i have spoken to 15 serious bangladeshi cricket fans, and no ones disaproves! im SURE that there will be doubters out there but i can answer every question u fire at me!
First off all i would like to say that, cricket in bangladesh is more political and money than the beauty of the sport and national pride! MAKE no mistake i have Thoroughly done my reaserch!
Bangladesh 64 districts, it is the 9th most populated place on earth! It has a population of about 123 million (estimated!) Now what I want to ask every one is that "are you trying to tell me, with all these people we have, we cant find 11 men who have NATURAL Tallent in cricket?" I Strongly belive we have FAR MORE than 11! We have hundreds! Why arent they repreasenting us? Il tell u all, and more!
Send me your email adress, I will send u a statement with my idea! Add me to your msn messenger, and I will talk freely with you, and inshallah, one day we WILL WIN matches for pride, and politics and money can be pushed to a side! I have the answer!
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