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Default hold your horses

ok everyone. i knew this would happen so here goes: this is a real story: I have a friend who plays cricket in bangladesh! he is a very good bowler! now.... he went to the cricket board and he got refused! not even a trial! they asked him two questions: "who is your dad" and what he does" now my friend is poor! and i am telling you people, he has natural tallent! thats what we need! the cricket board get a certain amount of money! they are not interested in giving it to some villiage poor kid, who dont know anything! they want to keep it themselfs!
so they gater everyone they know e.g. there brothers kids, e.t.c and all the rich kids who were privatly educated and let them play! they aint interested in poor or unknown!
my idea is, why dont a group of us get together and scout for 11 players, and lets not look at there background or WHO there father is! we will serch for natural tallent disregarding there status! and start to build a team of strong naturally tallented players! i knew i would have a lot of hurdles! whats this to go with world peace?

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