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Dear Nasif.

What have you done brother? after the upgrade attempt, it seems like you have downgraded everything?

My God, for the past 5/6 months, during match day its near impossible to come to BC, you lose interest and user engagement so quickly. Just to log into BC takes 1-2 minute, to post something takes ages, and to respond to someone... damn.. so much to complain.. I am not complaining because I want to rather.. I am complaining.. because whoever is the leader of BC should know that slowly they are killing of Banglacricket.

Lack of leadership, lack of user engagement, really bad experience of posting during matches.. too many things.. realistically one should ask themselves... are you guys after smoother user experience or that's something not within your thinking? I mean if generating more user was the purpose.. I am telling you from experience that someone is failing big time.

I have in the past told you guys.. please run a donation like Ian Pont.. and you will see.. we will donate to get a professional to sort this Banglacricket mess.. its really bad now.. trust me.. you may think we are just complaining... but trust me man... its bad.. and its killing Banglacricket slowly..

I gave up on BC today... because as usual someone from the seniors will be like Oh well its working fine for me... really sad.. how BC is going down... I wont blame the users...

Look into the leadership.. and I can say... its not so organised.

Take this from someone who has been with BC more than 12 years...

Maybe its time to recall Zuniad as Admin.
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