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Originally posted by helpbangladeshcricket
i have a genuine idea! ur not even prepared to listen and making stupid comments! this is the reason its going to be tough, because of people like you! my idea is simple, we go find players who can play and i mean (WELL!!) and set up a team! we scout (if u know what that word means) and try get more natural players in the team rather than people who have contacts in the cricket board! mark my words!

Sorry pal. cant agree a bit what you said. The present BD team actually holds the best talents in Bangladesh and thinking that you will find some Tendulkar class batsman.. its too ironic to believe. Cricket is not all about talent. You cant go on scouting ppl and make a team. One needs to play a good deal of quality cricket before he can actualy become successful. The type of solution that you are looking for.......... is just too much of short time stuff. It will never result anyting good. So.. better be patient with our team and one day BD will establish herself a good cricketing country.

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