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Originally posted by DJ Sahastra
I personally think this is a deliberate conspiracy by teh Indian media to malign Bangladesh. I mean, look at the title "The Bangla Bomber". Who in his right mind would come up with a title like that.

Another shoddy attempt by the scheming Indian media to paint Bangladesh with the color of fundamentalists.

It seems the whole article is about a 21 year old Jehadi who dropped Bombs on unsuspecting and innocent Aussies and caused mayhem and destruction. He blew up a few English people the next day with an equally destructive bomb. His next mayhem is expected soon.

This can't be true. It seems like a genuine rediff conspiracy to me. We should all stand up and protest.

The Bangla Bomber
Stop with this shoddy attempt at sarcasm. It serves no purpose other than rile people up and just drags this forum down.

Refrain. And this is not a request.

- Mod
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