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Listen everyone if you read DJ Sahastra's other articles, he is just trying to provoke the Bangladeshi fans in this web site.

Remember, according to D J Bangladeshi's are emotional race especially when it comes to India. If you want proof, I can reprint one of his postings.

So careful.!!

Originally posted by DJ Sahastra
I personally think this is a deliberate conspiracy by teh Indian media to malign Bangladesh. I mean, look at the title "The Bangla Bomber". Who in his right mind would come up with a title like that.

Another shoddy attempt by the scheming Indian media to paint Bangladesh with the color of fundamentalists.

It seems the whole article is about a 21 year old Jehadi who dropped Bombs on unsuspecting and innocent Aussies and caused mayhem and destruction. He blew up a few English people the next day with an equally destructive bomb. His next mayhem is expected soon.

This can't be true. It seems like a genuine rediff conspiracy to me. We should all stand up and protest.

The Bangla Bomber
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