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I really think we're getting carried away with DJ's intention.
Along with a couple of others Indian members of BC, DJ has always been very supportive of our team. I have always liked his sense of humor, his effort to put things in a different point of view always helped me to be more objective (as per as stuff on

I think there are too many of those conspiracy theorist among us. It baffles me how everything manages to become connected to Indian and Pakistani ploys of trying to ruin/control us.
If I were either an Indian or Pakistani who reading those allegations, I too, will try to defend or explain away my side.
IMHO, we really need to quit obssessing over how the Indians and Pakistanis view us. We march ONLY to our own drums..thats why we managed to be part of neither one. Let them write whatever, think whatever....

We need members who with various POVs as long as they are not offensive and breaking the forum rules. It makes thing more interesting.

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