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Originally posted by shovon13
yes, too much of anything is bound to get on anyone's nerves. i can sympathize with the members who feel irritated by DJ's sarcastic posts indirectly pointing out some outbursts at this forum at the indian media. of course it hurts when someone puts down our country. thats not funny.

DJ is an indian though. if we put ourselves in his shoes, and imagine coming to this forum and finding some posts that demean the indian media...and then attacking india and its people altogether, then perhaps we can see where DJ is coming from. he has his own pride, his own patriotic sense. our criticisms about the indian media may not be wrong at some cases, but there should be a better way to react to such things. and we should be able to accept apologies, and not be finding faults with it. we also shouldn't generalize about teh whole of indian media. we shouldn't be judgemental, rather we should be loving and accepting, some aspects that i always found in bengalis more than usual.

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