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Default SA=the ultimate chokers

I know its a harsh thread. I feel bad for the players and supporters where their team chokes at icc events despite being favorites all the time.

I remember 99 world cup. The win was on the cards then Allen Donald run out. Hershelle Gibbs dropping the catch hence dropping the match of Steve Waugh.

Rain knocking out shaun pollocks SA in 2003 against SL.

Similar situations kept happening in 2007 and 2015 wc and all the t20 championships.

They are one of the best team when there is no icc events. They chase down the highest totals in odis. Plays extraordinary throughout the year but what happens to them in icc events?

There is definitely a psychological effects which haunts SA in global tournaments. No matter how strong they r as a team, their choking nature in icc events will always haunt them

It is really sad. This India game isnt over yet but i kno SA is gonna loose.

I, like many others wonder what could be the remedy for this psychological factor?

They definitely deserve to be no.1 team as they have earned it. The choking was always on the cards since it is an icc event. Sigh!
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