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Originally posted by Sham
I agree, Javed needs to rotate the strike. He doesn't need to play those awful swipes across the line to get out and for Bangladesh to get all out in 35 overs, but I don't understand why he can't just try to look for a single or two. Even in his 50 strike rate, most of it is through boundaries, he wastes an amazing amount of deliveries.

I am not going to blame Golla for Tushar's dismissal, that ball was too close to cut even at the best of times. But he invariable puts pressure on his partners to look for runs when he plays out 4 or 5 dot balls every over when you just need to keep the scoreboard ticking over for a nice 3 or 4 every over.

He is such a limited batsman and keeps so much pressure on the partner! He single handed reduced the runrate from above 5 to under 4 .
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